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Henley Engineering New Zealand



Henleys have a complete range of Drivetrain and Propeller Solutions from boat propellers through to control systems

These excellent testimonials on the performance of Henley’s custom built propellers prove that ourposition as an industry leader in our field remains unaltered.

Steve Bass

Owner of Rosina

I’ve finally put my propeller back on my boat about a month ago. You guys re-pitched the propeller for me quite a few months back.

Just to let you know it is spot on now the engine now does 3550rpm full throttle which is spot on. The boat now has a max speed of 7.5knts and cruising at 6.5 a huge improvement albeit half a knt is huge for my little boat LOL.

The boat is only 20feet long displacement and 7 foot wide harf chine and launched in 1947 and has had an extensive rebuild.

I re powered it in 2005 with a brand new Nanni 30hp diesel which replaced the Nanni 16hp. Made a huge difference + your propeller work for me

Thanks guys you do an awesome job!

Richard Tamba,AustraliaOwner of Riviera 4000 Offshore “Nauti”11 August 2003

Graham Cox is a long-time member of the OBC in Orakei and a long-time customer of Ovlov Marine.Ovlov Marine sold him his original 200hp duo prop for his Vindex 350 and then re powered it adecade later with a KAD42. He then brought a Sea Ray 39 and uses it regularly to commute to the bottom of Waiheke and for cruising.

The Sea Ray was powered by 2 x 2.7L 350hp big block V8s (not Volvo Penta engines). Ovlov Marinediscussed re powering with diesels for the last 5 years and in the end Graham found the V8s tobe too unreliable. After the last breakdown in November Graham looked at the reliability and exorbitant fuel costs and took the bold decision to re power. all options were looked at, particularlyhis required cruising speed of 20-22 knots.

The V8s had a top speed of 24 knots and you probably could not guess how much fuel was burnt!the D4-300 HS63 2.04:1 engines and gearboxes were selected on the basis that they would fitcomfortably in the hole, and on calculations by Mark Power at Henleys Propellers that they could reach 25 knots and cruise at 18-19 knots. Final sea trials showed a top speed of 25.4 knots with anaverage up and down wind of 24.5 knots with max revs of spot on 3500. Cruising at 3000 revs gives21 knots @1.89 L/NM per engine

Graham is very pleased with these figures and is particularly impressed with the quietness ofthe engines. He had always believed that diesels were noisier than petrol engines, but has beenpleasantly surprised. He is also impressed with the torque of the engines, ( this torque gives theexcellent cruising speed ) and the smoothness of the installation and the Henley 4 blade ‘Black Tip’propellers. To sum things up, I am impressed! You said that I would get improvements in speed and vibrationmid-range and top end and I am happy to report that I have seen improvements right across thespeed range. I picked 2.4 knots at my cruise speed and vibration was reduced by up to 40%, plusat the top end I got another 1.7 knots. The Stainless Steel “Wahoo” propellers I fitted to my Riviera4000 Offshore had improved the boat so markedly that family and friends have commented on howmuch smoother the boat now feels. I would have no problem recommending these propellers to anyof my boat-owning friends and will specify them as standard on any future boat purchases!!

The top end speed is exactly as the calculations predicted and these propellers have markedlymore “bite” when manoeuvring than the ones I replaced, even in reverse. As a result, the boatruns better, cruises faster with less vibration and gets on plane 200 rpm earlier, a real bonus whencruising offshore in a decent swell.

Once again thanks to Henleys Propellers and to Twin Disc Pacific for getting it right first time andgiving me the extra performance without the shake!

Rob Shenn

Shcioning Marine19 January 06

Launch went well yesterday, we had the Coastguard vessel next to us and they were going about 1knot faster at 28 knots, then our engineer advised a short burst at wide open throttle. Although theelectronics had not been commissioned, we estimate approx. 28-29 knots. The square planing boardat the stern was actually on top of the water due to our very light load. There was no prop aerationat all which can sometimes happen with this hull shape as they are reasonably close to the surface.

If I can offer some advice, when choosing propellers, do not just get the cheap ones, both the Ferryand our Alaskan 41 have gone for specific propellers from Henleys in New Zealand, who are theexperts in this type of full displacement hull shape. We work closely with Twin Disc who are theirAustralian agents..

George Oliver

Oliver Boat Builders

“Several of our clients have now invested in Tiger Props, typically improving speeds across the rangeby 1.5 to 2 knots. With this performance we have decided to fit the Tiger Props as standard on allnew contracts.”

Andrew Tuite,Crowther

Design, Australia

“Wherever possible we prefer to use Henleys Propellers as we have a lot of confidence in theirproduct. We generally use Henleys Propellers on most of the boats we design for Australia and boatswhich are built in Asia. Henleys supply a good product and understand our vessels and how theyperform which is critical to propeller design.”

Grant Senior

Formula Boats

“We have found the tiger Propellers offer significant improvement over the conventional stylesavailable in the past in smoothness, speed and economy.”

Steven Schmidt

Naiad Inflatables

“Naiad has designed and developed twin diesel shaft driven rigid hulled inflatables using completeHenleys drive lines. Each time Henleys speed predictions and prop selection have been accurate. It ismost pleasurable when things go this well.”

Chris Pollock

Genesis Marine

“Henleys suggested four blade Tigers be fitted to our new Genesis 400 Targa, they were right on thebutton. Better than predicted top end speed (33knts), really efficient and smooth through to mid-range cruise.”

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