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Marine Propeller Shaft



Henleys have a complete range of Drivetrain and Propeller Solutions from boat propellers through to control systems

Marine Propeller Shaft

Henley’s Propellers and Marine manufacture marine shafting from a variety of materials. Most commonly used materials are SS 316, and 2205. Moreexotic materials such as Aquamet are frequently used by our customers. Henleys in house design team will specify the material and diameter that should be applied for a given purpose. They will also advise on shaft support – bearing spacing’s and shaft install procedures.

All Henley shafts are straightened to within 0.004″ TIR for ¾” to 2½” and 0.008″ TIR for 2½” to 4″ shaft diameters.

Standard shafts are manufactured, on latest technology CNC machinery, with 1:16 tapers for both propeller and half coupling. Shafts with either 1:12 or 1:10 tapers can also be supplied. Both propeller and shaft half coupling are lapped and blued to ensure a minimum of 75% contact between the corresponding tapers. Records are kept showing shaft straightness, taper run out, roundness and percentage of contact (photographic) between tapers.

The shaft assembly is supplied complete with a Nibral bronze castellated propeller nut, split-pin, propeller key, Nylock coupling nut and coupling key. The castellated nut is locked to the shaft by means of a split-pin, which is inserted through a pre-drilled hole in the propeller thread. Once the propeller nut has been tightened the split pin is inserted and bent over.

Marine Propeller Shaft

Henley’s tapered keyway and threaded shaft assembly  with bronze castle nut, SS split pin and brass key.

Optional Extras
  • Shaft manufactured to survey standards.

  • Shaft manufactured to a designer drawing.

  • Shaft manufactured with tapers other than 1:16 taper.

  • Shaft manufactured with wear sleeves as required.

  • Additional threads at the propeller end to take a bullet anode.

Marine Propeller Shaft
Bullet Anodes

Zinc shaft anodes are available in three sizes:

  • SMALL - 45mm DIA X 52mm LONG.

  • MEDIUM - 55mm DIA X 100mm LONG.

  • LARGE - 67mm DIA X 131mm LONG.

Buller Anodes Marine Propeller Shaft

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