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Engine Mounts



Henleys have a complete range of Drivetrain and Propeller Solutions from boat propellers through to control systems

Engine Mounts

Henley’s have long established that engines installed in boats are under significant forces attributed to thrust and various sea conditions. The differences between a power boat and a yacht are obvious in that the yacht could be motor sailing which places significant stress on the mounts when the vessel is healing between 15 to 30 degrees in contrast to a power boat punching into a seaway at 20 knots+.

All the applied forces in either installation are significant and if ones mounts allow the engine to move to excessive tolerances then loads are applied to gearbox output bearings and gearbox seals, flex couplings, shaft seals, shafts and shaft bearings that exceed the design tolerances of the various individual components in ones driveline. Isoflex Marine Flexible shaft couplings and flexible engine mounts are built to contain excessive tolerances / loads that can be applied in normal use.

Engine Mounts Isoflex
Engine Mounts Isoflex
Following are some of the advantages that one can benefit from installing IsoFlex marine engine mounts in their drive train.
  • Isoflex engine mounts isolate over 90% of engine vibration, throughout the rev range. Matched selection and performance to suit most applications.

  • Isoflex Control driveline misalignment by being 50-100% stiffer in lateral and thrust directions. The Isoflex engine mounts are designed to handle thrust and seaway induced misalignments

  • Isoflex are long lasting, resistant to fuel, oil and water…..the engine mounts will not harden and become brittle. Reduces the hassle of regular maintenance change outs

  • Isoflex Engine Mount Installed Isoflex engine mount installed. Isoflex provides a fail-safe construction. The Isoflex flexible engine mounts can even cope with complete knock down or inversion and will not let an engine break loose. Other rubber construction mounts are bonded and rely upon that bond only to keep the mount together. Most rubber mounts are a by-product of Industrial application and do not cater for the forces applied when an engine is installed in a vessel.

  • Isoflex are an Economical solution, in most cases less expensive than OEM mounts

Isoflex marine enigine mounts

Isoflex engine mount installed. 

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