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Remote Greaser



Henleys have a complete range of Drivetrain and Propeller Solutions from boat propellers through to control systems

Remote Greaser


Launch Yacht, Industrial Bearings, Glands, and Stuffing boxes, Engine cooling, Pump and Rudder Bearings.

  • ELIMINATES – Crawling into awkward spaces to vital grease points.

  • ENSURES – A proper amount of grease is delivered.

  • ENDS – Tiresome fiddling with inadequate grease cups and messy grease guns.


  • Choose a convenient site within range of the high pressure delivery tube. Screw or bolt ORCA Remote Greaser firmly in place.

  • Remove existing grease nipple or grease cup from bearing. Screw in 1/8” BSR adapter supplied. (Most grease nipples or cups are 1/8” BSP. For other sizes a conversion piece may be required).

  • Push tube, with olive in place, firmly into greaser and tighten locking nut to clamp olive to tube. ENSURE OLIVES ARE FIRMLY NIPPED TO TUBE.

  • Unscrew greaser body, wind lubricator screw fully back, and fill with ORCA “PKO”. Reassemble and turn lubricator knob until grease is observed exiting the tube.

  • Fix tube to gland as per instruction 3. A regular quarter-turn will provide adequate lubrication for the average bearing. Regularity rather than quantity is the secret to long, trouble free bearing life.

Remote Greaser

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