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Rope Cutter Larger Shafts



Henleys have a complete range of Drivetrain and Propeller Solutions from boat propellers through to control systems

Rope Cutters For Larger Shafts

Spurs line and net cutter systems have been protecting vessels from costly propeller entanglement since 1981. Installed on USCG, US Navy, Canadian CG, RNLI (English CG), Pilot boats, and on over 100,000+ commercial and pleasure vessels worldwide. Global navigation is made safer with Spurs Cutter Systems installed on your vessel.

For shafts larger than 4″ or 100mm in diameter Henleys offers Spurs shaft mounted cutters. These cutters cover shafts up to 7 inches in diameter. This is a system that is mounted on the propeller shaft and driven by its inertial force.

For larger set ups Spurs offers a propeller hub mounted cutting system. This is a system that is mounted on the propeller face driven by its inertial force.Available for propeller hub sizes 12″ up to unlimited (300mm+).

Rope Cutter Larger Shafts

“To install a rope cutter is minimal compared to the price to get a new gearbox, however the cost of life is even far greater.”

For an example of a propeller hub mounted rope cutter see this case study where one was installed on a US Navy vessel

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