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Easi Flow Stern Tubes



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Easi Flow Stern Tubes

“Easiflow” stern tube system is a specially designed and formulated composite tube to take the place of conventional metallic stern tubes and rudder port housings. It is manufactured to a very accurate ID and is designed so it does not absorb water and swell over time. “Easiflow” stern tube system is designed to be fitted only with Thordon bearings – see photo right.

Kiwi Shaft Seal installed onto the Easiflow stern tube. As shown in the photo right, the boat builder has fabricated hexagonal aluminum tube rather than use an expensive off the shelf manufactured alloy tube. The Easiflow tube with Thordon bearing’s, is floated in the alloy tube using 3 screws at either end of the tube to align the Easiflow tube. Chock fast epoxy resin is added through holes in the alloy tube and it is allowed to set and then the stern tube can be fitted with the shaft and the rest of the components.

Easi Flow Stern Tubes

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