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Henleys have a complete range of Drivetrain and Propeller Solutions from boat propellers through to control systems


Except for those prefabricated propellers which Henley’s distribute, a detailed propeller drawing is provided to our customers in order to give the man idea on what will be the profile of their custom made propeller. Henley’s will specify one of these custom designs to suit your vessel.

Why should you choose Henley’s Propellers?

Data used for prop selection is supplied by our customer on a Propeller Specification Form. This information is firstly compared to Henley’s vast database of proven designs, and then entered into intricate computer software programmes insuring the best possible selection for the customer.

We then use this propeller selection in a Propeller Drawing Program which is a parametric design/drafting tool for the preparation of detailed and dimensioned propeller drawings. The designs made with the use of this equipment are then transformed into patterns, castings and a personalised “custom built” boat propeller. To ensure the propeller design is maintained and that the propeller is manufactured in conformity with ISO 484/2 Class 2, 1 or S standards, Henley’s have invested 20 years ago in Electronic Propeller Scanning equipment.

This allows us to measure a propeller and to produce reports on the quality of the propeller to a set standard that is recognised World-wide.

This technology also allow us to repair our props to the original design and or repair props of various designers to a known standard of tolerance which produces the best efficiency’s. This gives Henley’s a distinctive advantage over others, as we are able to control the design, manufacture and the after care of Henley’s propellers.

Henley’s is also involved in a worldwide network of propeller technicians operating similar equipment, to whom we will be able to forward your propeller data and they would be able to extend the Henley’s care you deserve.

For a Propeller Calculation Sheet – click on this link!

Tiger Propellers

The Tiger propeller is the most POPULAR type of bronze propeller that Henley’s supply.

The concept is linked to US Submarine Propeller Design. Its highly skewed profile gives exceptional smoothness and maneuverability especially in reverse, in comparison to more traditional style propellers. During trials, this type of propeller was found to perform better in the mid and top speed range of the vessels tested. Large savings in fuel consumption have also been well documented from various commercial and pleasure craft users. Manufactured in 3, 4, 5 & 6 blades, sizes from 17″ to 45″ and built to ISO484/2 Class 1 or S standards.

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Tiger Propellers New Zealand
Tiger Propellers henleys

Other Propeller Types

Yellow Fin

High Performance

The Yellow Fin is a high performance bronze propeller that incorporates medium skew with rake. The Yellow Fin is used in situations where “lift” is seen to benefit a particular vessel. This prop design reduces the amount of applied Tab which is in effect drag. Manufactured in 4 and 5 blades, sizes from 17″ up to 45″ and built to ISO484/2 Class 1 and S standards.

Black Tip

A great combination

The Black Tip propeller has refined cord section with blade cup. It is a propeller that is used for both displacement and planning hulls. Standard sizes available up to 47” diameter in Manganese and Nibral. This type of propeller is made in 3, 4 and 5 bladed versions. Blade area range from .55 to 1.05 B.A.R. Built to ISO484/2 Class 1 Standards.

Skip Jack

Designed for Yachts

The Skip Jack propeller is designed for yachts. The blade area of these propellers is not very large, 0.38 B.A.R. The propeller should be locked in position when sailing to achieve minimum drag. Our own tests have shown that on cruising yachts the effect on performance when sailing is very difficult to quantify as it is so small. You can do your own trial by cutting out a circle that represents the prop diameter and taking .38 of that circle as the presented area – convert this into a tin can and go for a sail. At different speeds throw the attached can over the stern and see if you can read any drop on your log. Standard sizes available up to 38” diameter Built to ISO484/2 Class 2 in Nickel Aluminium Bronze.


Suits Specified Nozzles

Groper propellers are made to suit a specified Nozzle. Available in 3, 4 or 5 blade versions. The advantage of running in a nozzle is one of increased efficiency with Thrust. The Groper propeller is used on work boats such as tugs, trawlers and barges. We also offer this design in a Skewed version.Available in Manganese and Nibral up to 47” diameter in ISO484/2 CLASS 1 or Class 2.

Flex-O-Fold Propellers

Flex-O-Fold folding propellers have the most efficient blade profile available for any folding prop. This means more thrust when you have to pound against wind and waves, less fuel consumption and smooth operation. The Flex-O-Fold is also the lowest drag you can buy. This means you’ll be able to expand your cruising horizons, get home first or find the perfect moorings. Plus, you’ll be much less likely to catch a pot or other stray line.

Flex-o-fold propellers
Flex-o-fold propellers
Flex-o-fold propellers in new zealand
Flexofold logo for company free profile.jpg

Flexofold 2-Blade Saildrive Composite Folding Propeller

The NEW generation of folding propellers

Taking advantage of modern composite materials, the Flexofold Composite propeller is not only immune to electrolysis, it also features a protective torsional hub, low weight and high strength – all combined in an attractive design.

​The Flexofold Composite propeller still provides the recognized low drag, higher speed and good performance under sail, as well as high thrust and strong maneuverability under power.

The NEW Flexofold Composite propeller has been tested for more seasons by appointed test sailors and already chosen as original propeller by more boat yards, including Elan Yachts and Saffier Yachts.

Nomminated and awarded a “Special mentioning” at the prestrigious DAME Award 2016 (Design Award Marine Equipment, METS trade show in Amsterdam, Holland).

Flex-o-fold propellers in new zealand
Special features
  • Composite material immune to electrolysis *)

  • Light weight (2,8 kgs less a standard folding propeller)

  • Helical gearing between the blades ensures a syncronized folding mechanism

  • Patented mounting system absorbs impact from the centrifugal force and allows adjustment of play in gears

  • Protective cover over the gearing

  • Easy replacable build-in anodes in each blade

  • Dual shock absorbers for quitet opening of the propeller

  • Special innerhub to protect the saildrive and gearbox from the propeller impact

  • Mounting screws are pre-applied with Loctite for mounting above as well as under water

  • Water lubricated - no need for maintenance

Special features

A common issue for sailboat owners is electrolysis – coursed by electrical errors in the sailboat or shore power.

Today’s use of electrical equipment on sailboats increases the risk of wrong installations. Even if all installations are ok, docking in a marina with defective shore power can cause severe damage. This, as stray current easily damages the propeller – normally being the part with the best electrical connection into the water.

Our determination solving this matter has now resulted in the development of a new generation of folding propellers – the 2-blade Flexofold Composite!

Propeller sizes

The 2-blade Composite propeller for saildrive is available in diameters of 15″ to 18″ – all in a wide range of pitches.

Available for both LEFT and RIGHT turning saildrives (saildrives are generally LEFT turning, however, catamarans might use counter rotating propeller on one side).

Compatible with...

The Flexofold propellers has a 100% fit on all common saildrives from Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Lombardini, Technodrive and Torqeedo Deep Blue.

To be fittet on Selva saildrives when using an adpater.

Variprofile Feathering Propeller

Approved: by “Germanischer Lloyd”

Built: With German precision to ISO 9001 international standard

Available: In 2 and 3 Blade configuration

Designed: For Racing - Conventional and sail drive

Engine Range: 7hp to 140hp

Diameters: From 13” to 26”

Unique features:
  • Fwd and reverse pitch independently adjusted in minutes to achieve correct engine load and Min / Max prop walk.

  • Fits to shafts as two pieces – assembly of hub around shaft not required.

  • Made from Nibral-Bronze (ice class) to achieve superior life of internal gears.

  • Fluid Dynamic design – near zero drag.

  • Gawn designed blade profile – max efficiency.

Variprofile is designed for the fin keel modern production yacht and vessels where the propeller length is not restricted by an aperture. Variprofile propellers, available in 2-blade and 3-blade configurations for engines up to 140hp, offer complete adjustability for forward and reverse pitch plus the efficiency of a proper fixed blade or folding propeller.

Comprehensive engineering and testing by SPW GmbH over a period of two years has resulted in the use of, for the first time on a sailboat propeller, the Gawn/Kaplan blade profile. Normally associated with high-speed power boat and aircraft propeller blades the Gawn/Kaplan blade profile delivers outstanding efficiency with the result that the Variprofile delivers speed normally associated with fixed propellers or the best folding propellers. The innovative use of modern high-strength materials for the carefully machined helical gears allows a hub of small diameter and streamlined shape resulting in very low sailing drag. The Variprofile is unique for the fact that the hub is a separate piece from the blade/gear assembly. With a wide range of pitch adjustment available the blade/gear assemblies can be easily matched to any hub. In the event of a repower or rotation change a new blade/gear assembly can be mated to the existing hub.

Variprop Feathering Propellers

Approved: by “Germanischer Lloyd”

Built: With German precision to ISO 9001 international standards

Available: In 2, 3 and 4 Blade configuration

Designed: for Cruising vessels - Conventional and sail drive

Engine Range: 7hp to 550hp

Diameters: From 12” to 50

VaripropL Feathering Propellers
Unique features:
  • Fwd and reverse pitch independently adjusted in minutes to achieve correct engine load and Min / Max prop walk.

  • Fits to shafts as one piece as per standard propellers – assembly of hub around shaft not required.

  • Internal Shock absorbing Multidisc brake permits shifting at higher speeds without damage.

  • Gears are 35%-50% larger than other designs – giving extended life span.

  • Static and dynamically balanced.

  • Shortest hub – will suit traditional full keel yachts with prop apertures.

  • Delivered fully assembled, balanced, lubricated, read-to-install with no disassembly or modifications necessary.

But in addition, the VARIPROFILE offers much more to make it an unsurpassed value:
  • Hi-Tec blades with GAWN profile to optimize thrust and efficiency while running much more quietly than others

  • Exceptional sailing characteristics through slim shape, light weight and GAWN profiled Hi-Tec blades

  • Separate external pitch adjustments for forward and reverse to optimize engine performance and eliminate prop walk in reverse.

  • Continuously variable fine tuning much superior to large minimum steps of others

  • Robust construction with enclosed helical gearing, QPQ liquid nitriding for long life

  • Interchangeable hub. For repowering just change the blade assembly

  • Fast and easy installation for the average sailor

  • Made out of Hi-Tensile NIBRAL-BRONZE (Ice-Class)

  • Available in 2-blade and 3-blade version for engines up to 75hp

  • CNC Machining for highest precision

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