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Shaft Seals



Henleys have a complete range of Drivetrain and Propeller Solutions from boat propellers through to control systems

Shaft Seals

The stainless steel Kiwi Shaft Seal™ offers protection for your vessel, keeping crew safe and dry. The Kiwi Shaft Seal™ is New Zealand designed and manufactured. The ‘KSS’ is easy to install and has a 15 year pleasure craft or 5 year commercial craft guarantee (Conditions apply).

It has taken 30+ years of marine industry experience to develop and refine this breakthrough alternative to stuffing box and mechanical type marine shaft seals. The Kiwi Shaft Seal™ is available from 1” to 6” in ¼” increments. (Equivalent metric sizes available on request).

UN-Compromised safety offered when installing a Kiwi Shaft Seal™. Now enhanced with an over heating warning system! A dash-mounted light and audio alarm will activate BEFORE the ‘KSS’ is effected by lack of coolant/ water supply. Allowing for safe assessment and return to dock.

Shaft Seals Kiwi Shaft Seal Stainless Steel
Shaft Seals Kiwi Shaft Seal Stainless Steel
kiwi shaft seal

Please visit the Kiwi Shaft Seal website
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Shaft Seals Kiwi Shaft Seal Stainless Steel

Old packing glands adapted to take Kiwi Shaft Seals.

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